Instructions for Relaxation

To begin with I request each of you either to sit or lie down a your Comfort, people who are sitting should be a in a Posture That does not give any strain to you.  The spinal cord and the back should be straight. Head should be in a same line but should be relaxed. People who prefer lay down can have a pillow. If they comfortable first. Straight. Feel your from skull, from your forehead to back first feel  one ear to another ear. This type thoughts are running in your mind slow them down. Let your each cell slowdown. Imagine as if each cell of your brain is slowing down. Don’t let your for head  stress’s. Comfort. Relax let your  eyes and eyebrows  calm down. Don’t let them streets an upwards. The rest without an effort they should be no strains in your eyes or lashes. And don’t allow them to seek within, absolute silence within your eyes too.  Relax your face. Feel that each part of the face is losing down, nose, cheek, chin, inner part of your mouth and jaws should be relaxed. Don’t be driven away by thoughts, relax yourself, relax your neck. Neck should not lean towards either side. Loose &   balanced, relax your shoulder. Usually, when thought enters your mind shoulders go little high as soon as you are aware the shoulder become loose.

Feel your shoulders, relax your arms, first right arm from shoulder to elbow, forehead , palm, each finger from thumb to last finger relax. Then, let the finger be on the own neither streeseed nor folded tightly.

Now left arm step by step. Feel your chest & back as take a breath your chest go high and as you breath out, it comes down. Feel the breathing from chest to the back it is expanding , it is narrowing. Your back is touching the floor is your back is feeling the pressure  of your body?

Feel they stomach it is expanding and narrowing with breathing. Feel your hips, feel the pressure of your body on them. Now feel your legs. First right leg Thigh, knee, lower foot, Ankle, heel, footsole, fingers from toe to last finger.

Let your consciousness reach there. If not don’t worry you will be able to feel them all again feel you full son where are there can you fill the too and your fingers. Those your conciseness reach there if not don’t worry again  feel your foot sole all where are they can you  feel the toe and fingers?

 Will be able too feel them.  Does your conciseness is there if not don’t worry you will be able to feel them latter with practice.  Now left leg step by step. Once again feel your whole body as a unit it is becoming calm and  slowing down. Now please come back to your breathing now your breathing has slowed.  Feel the air passing throw your each nostril touching the inner skin. Feel it. Feel your breath running down from your throat . Feel your chest, stomach and ups & downs, feel the vibrations of breathing  reaching for to your back, waist, hips and head, Follow the breathing as it goes in a and as it comes out, feel the vibrations and touch out of the air in your throat , now enjoy the natural the free flow of breathing. Which is effortless? Look how peaceful  this  process is happening on its own.

 Feel again the whole body from head to toe, feel this is my body, we  hardly notice it. I am because of this body. Experience it. Feel it, look within blood is circulating, digestive system is working, heart is beating, each cell of your body is working on its  naturally. See how naturally they are working their own. Be a men. If you have been driven  by thought, come back to yourself and feel in.  Please don t pay attention but feel it from within. Silence, total silence. At this moment, there is no noise, no thoughts, no worries, no responsibilities, you are free from all worry. I am totally within my self, peaceful and aware, look where am I. I am here relax and totally at ease, absolute soul. If thoughts take you away . Please come back , this coming  back from thoughts to your self is awareness. As soon as  become aware you will see that thought  goes its better if you feel thought some time come back to yourself. Live yourself,  relaxed and calm. There is nothing to do. In side there no thought, feel free, totally free, you are free. Surrender yourself  before existence.



 Enough for today please slowly live your space, don’t be in a hurry, your body is loose, and your mind is calm from this state of relaxed mind, cut to action, slowly. If you like maintain the state of relaxed body and awareness of mind as long as possible, it will help you a lot. Om Shanti.


One thought on “Instructions for Relaxation

  1. Your interest in medical field is highly appreciable, it is a proven fact that you are not only a renowned author but insight you ,you possess a great treasure of knowledge connected with medical science and when you share it with people it will be a great PHILANTHROPY. A large number of people will be benifitted by the instructions provided for relaxation. I keep burning spirit to await for your new posts..

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