I like the poem of  Filiz Telek. You too can enjoy the gift.

This one life is a great gift for me and for you

Your cells that reproduce your life is a miracel of the universe

The womb that nurtured your soul into humanness

has not charged you a price for its service

The soil, the sea, the sky, the sun

fed you,washed you, warmed you in abundance

for no return.

What are you doing with this gift called your life?

What if you lived this one life as it were a gift from God, Universe, Pacha Mama, You name it!

What if you took every breath with tender consciousness and gratitude, remembering… where your life came from?

What if you lived your one life in service of all life?

In service of your brother and sister in service of the soil and the tree, in service of the bird and the fish… this one time!

What if your life that is a gift becomes a gift to life?


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