My Bio-Data: How I Am Uniquely Qualified To Write On Success Techniques

-Born among cows and buffaloes at Shakthawato ka Guda, a Village of population 300, 93 km.away from Udaipur in a tiny farmer’s family, whose monthly income was Rs. 70/- per month in 1960. I was the 8th child of my parents.

– Ran away from home in 1968 in underwear and ‘baniyan’ (vest), when father abused and best me at the age of 14.1 attempted to commit suicide even.

-After B. Sc. I studied at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

– As a freelance journalist, I got published many articles in ‘Hindustan Dainik’, ‘Panchajanya’, ‘Tirthankara’, ‘Jain Sevak’, ‘Sanmati Sandesh’ and ‘Dainik Bhaskar’.

– Learnt the art of hypnotism and recalling past lives and experienced telepathy.

-I was founder secretary of a society called MONTAGE in our collage time. We met every Sunday and discussed success techniques. All the members were preparing for various competitive examinations. Following were our members who got success in their fields:

I can’t convince you, only you will

convince  yourself

Lalit Kothari                    became             I.A.S.

Manoj Bhatt                     became             I.P.S.

S.L. Bohra                         became             R.A.S.

H.L. Kunawat                   became             R.A.S.

Rajanikant Malot             became             Famous Doctor

Ajab Banu                           became             A.L.R.

(a handicap one)

Dr. S.R. Vyas                     became             H.O.D.of Philosophy

Sukhadia University

Dr. Sharad Srivastava      became             H.O.D.of English

Sukhadia University

– In fact, we explored these success techniques from MONTAGE. Later I experimented them for 24 years now, I am explaining to you for your success.

-Learnt the TM of Mahesh Yogi, Dynamic Meditation from Osho, Vippasyana from S.N. Goenka, the Art Of Living (Sundarshan Kriya) from Shri Shri Ravi Shanker and Reiki from Avinash Jain.

– Discussed with Mrs. India Gandhi, former prime Minister on the channelisation of youth’s energy as a student leader.

-P.C.S. officer, presently I am working as Deputy Commissioner in Sales Tax Department, Government of Rajasthan.

-published Utho Jago, a popular book in Hindi from Hind Pocket Books


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