How a 14 Year Old Girl Became a Leader of Army :Joan of Arc

France was at war with Britain for 100 years. The lives of citizens of both nations were disturbed. A simple farmer’s illiterate daughter realized the futility of war

She prayed every day to God to end the war. She had a strong faith in God. She developed her self – confidence by praying and developing emotional faculty of mind with supreme power.

One day she heard her inner voice “You are born to end the war”. She believed in her inner voice and met King John Dafan. She passed the test of her leadership before the church and courtiers of the king. All of them were confident that she was not an ordinary girl but she was a gifted leader. She was born to end the war.

Joan of Arc, a 14 year illiterate village girl headed the French Army. She fought the war and was burnt alive o

n 31st May 1431. But her sacrifice ended the war.

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