How to Increase Traffic on Blog & Misunderstanding

We have to remove our misunderstanding to increase traffic on our blog.In this connection  i have one story  about mis understanding.

The Crooked Milk Pudding (Tedi Khir)

There were two boys, who very poor and used to beg. One of them was blind by birth and the helped him.

One day the blind boy fell sick. His companion said, “Stay here and rest. I well go round to beg for, both of us.”

That day, the boy was given very delicious dish,”Khir”, India stale milk pudding. But he did not have any extra container, so he ate it all.

When he came back to the blind companion, the boy said” I am so sorry. Today, I was given a wonderful dish, milk pudding .But could not bring any of it for you.” The boy asked “What is this milk pudding?”

“Oh it is white. Milk is white.”

Being blind by birth, he could not understand “What is white.”

“Don’t you know what white is?”

“No, I don’t.”

“It is the opposite of black.”

He asked “Then what is black.” He did not know what black was either.

“Oh, try to understand white!”

The blind boy could not understand. So his friend looked about for some hint and seeing a white crane caught hold of the bird and gave it to the blind boy saying “White is like this bird.”

The blind boy touched the crane and said “Oh, it is soft. White is soft.”

“No, no it has nothing to do with being soft. White is white. Try to understand.” But you told me, it is like this crane. He again examined the crane-moving his hand from beak to the body, to the tip of tail. “Oh, now I understand.” It is crooked. The milk pudding is crooked. He cannot understand because he dose not have the faculty to experience what white is.

In the same way, like a blind boy we sometime do not understand blogging in the right way, while we always strive for success. We have a certain level of understanding based on the facts. The problem arises when we think we are right, while we may not be right.


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