The Role of Concentration in Achieving Success Why only Arjun Passed The Dron’s Test?

“He who concentrates on any one thing with singleness of purpose will ultimately acquire the capacity to do everything.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

The power of mind can be developed and utilized by concentration. No mind can be focused without concentration. When mental energy is scattered you cannot use it towards success. It means the power of mind is the power of concentration.

The power of intelligence, analysis, thinking, imagination, expressing, writing and speaking are improved by developing concentration. In addition, the power of concentration improves your efficiency and sincerity. Concentration helps to reduce conflicts, clashes, confusions and tensions.

Why only Arjun Passed The Dron’s Test?

Acharya Dron of the Mahabharata took a test. He called his all disciples to prepare the shooting the eye of a bird. As the archer came, he asked, “What are you seeing?”. One disciple saw a tree, the other saw branches, some saw only the bird, thus different replies came. He did not permit anybody to shoot.

Arjun replied, “He is seeing only the eyes of the bird”. .


6 thoughts on “The Role of Concentration in Achieving Success Why only Arjun Passed The Dron’s Test?

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  2. In gita last slok is ” Yatra Yogeshwar shrikrishna, Yatra partho DhanurDhar……” While concluding the essense of Gita it made clear that (Hindi) “Jahan Arjun Jaisa Pursharthi Karm Karnewala Hoga aur Shrikrishan jaisa Sarthi (Margdarsha ) kripa karewala to sabhi Safaltayen, laxmi, kirti, bal, buddhi, vidya sabhi prapt hogi aur Jeevan anand se Bhar jayega. Hence Succes story of Arjun was not achived by him alon. Aap Hamare Marg Darsh ho. hence we are sure of getting success. Harsh

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