Patanjali’s Technique to Increase your Concentration to Get Success

It is an ancient Indian technique to increase concentration. This technique was developed by Patanjali, father of Yoga 5000 years ago. Some call it Tratak. Many Yogis and saints practise it even to develop Para psychological powers. But I practised it for two years and found it useful in intensifying concentration. It is in consonance with the latest brain researches.

It builds confidence, improves efficiency and improves your mind power in many ways . This method sharpens your memory, vision, analytical power. It is a very useful and important technique of ancient Rishies.

Patanjali's Technique for Concentration (To dowload click here)
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It is better to practise this technique before dawn, but there is no harm in doing it at other times also.


Practise only at a quiet place, where other persons do not disturb you. Paste the sheet or hang it on wall at a height along your eyes.

Step 1: Sit comfortably two to four feet away facing the sheet. The level of your eyes and black spot should be the same. The source of light should be behind your back. The intensity of light should not be much whenever you practise in day time. Close the windows of the room.

Step 2 : Stare continuously at the yellow spot without blinking your eyes. On the first day you can do this for 3 to 5 minutes. Later you can raise 5 minutes everyday till you can do it for half an hour at a stretch.

Step 3 : When you stare at the spot, always remember, “My thinking is going beyond the spot”

During this exercise, your eyes may be filled with tears. Don’t worry. Close your eyes and stop practising it. If you want to continue, gently open your eyes . You can continue, it for a few more minutes. At the end, sprinkle cold water in the eyes and wash them.

Only follow one condition, your stomach should be neither empty nor over filled.

If you use spects, exercise without spects. If you could not see yellow spot, then close your eyes and concentrate on the middle of your eyebrows. It is called Internal Tratak

You should practise this method at least for 3 weeks. But , if you want to have more benefits, continue doing this for as long as you feel better.


6 thoughts on “Patanjali’s Technique to Increase your Concentration to Get Success

  1. Interesting, (at least the bits I could make out easily). I am afflicted with color blindness (protanopia to be precise). I mainly use Konqueror browser (not sure if that is important), and a great deal of this webpage has display problems for me. I know that it is not your problem really, however it would be kind if you could bear in mind the color blind when doing the next web page redesign.

  2. Hello there,thanks for sharing this but the one problem I face with this technique is that my eyes feel stressed after I’m done and leaves me feeling groggy.What should I do?

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