How to Discover Opportunity

Analyse the demand and supply of whatever product or services you think you can provide. Analyse the surroundings and your interest. Business is business whether small or big. Nothing is inferior or superior. Mobilise your whole energy and knowledge. You will be successful in due course of time . You may lead others too. Opportunities will never come to you. You have to create and build opportunities.

You may not have enough money and experience. The problem of finance can be solved seeking by help from friends and relatives. If you are clever enough and manipulative you can have loan from financial institutes and banks. A few people have money at initial stage. When one can spend Rs.40, 000 and two years for getting the training for initial teacher ship why do your not learn business aptitude by doing service at a shop or in small factories.

You should ask the following questions yourself :-

  • Why do you want a job ?
  • Why are you afraid of starting your own business
  • Ask these questions at the time of sleeping that will arise your subconsciousness mind

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