Burning desire and BILL GATES

Burning desire means the strong will for some type of achievement It would he power, position, wealth on many other things. To achieve something great, we require ambition. It is a strong desire for achieving something great in life.

A school student started a company of software business- MICROSOFT. Meanwhile the student joined the Harvard University. When he was in the second year of his graduation, the company started to earn huge profit. His burning desire was to become multimillionaire. So he sacrificed his degree due to ever increasing work of the company, he left his studies. He realised his goal and fulfilled his lifetime ambition within twenty years. His earning per day was more than two hundred million dollars (Rs. 800 crores) in the year 1998. Today, he is the richest man of the planet, guess…. who is that guy….. He is BILL GATES.

Could Tenzing and Hilary Conquer the Mount Everest for the first time in the world without having burning desire?


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