How Burning Desir Lack of Burning Desire is Number One Cause of Low Achievement

Burning desire is the foundation of success. Burning desire empowers us and guides us to focus our energy. Burning desire decides the purpose of life. It directs our vital energy towards our goal.

Winning starts with beginning

Beginning starts with desiring

When we feed our burning desire into the sub-conscious mind, our activities get focused towards our burning desire. It is similar to the case of computer messages.

A famous educationist, V. V. John, the then Vice Chancellor of a University once conducted a survey. He asked students to write down something about “What do you want in your life?”

The majority of students wrote that they wanted to become a teacher or a clerk”. Only some students wanted to be administrators, scientists and millionaires. The survey reveals that many of us lack burning desire. Then, how can we progress? That’s why our former prime minister late Mrs.Indira Gandhi rightly said:

We are lagging behind because we are short of burning desire.

–Indira Gandhi

You can inquire of persons who feel life is a failure, because they could not achieve something great in their lives? It is because they blocked their energy by their limited burning desire. There is a old saying “Where there is a will, there is a way”.


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