How Subhas Bose Set his Goal & Get his Success

Subhas Chandra Bose was ambitious. When he came across the atrocities of the Britishers with the Indians, he set his goal to make his motherland independent from the British rule at any cost. “Shut up idiot, you black Indian”, a British student shouted over the fellow Indian student. It was the scene of a class – room of the Presidency College at Calcutta during the British rule.

The British student caught hold of the Indian student and slapped him. Nobody opposed it. But one brave Indian class-fellow could not tolerate this misbehavior. He decided to oppose it. Just then professor came into the class room and everything became quiet and calm. Yet, the mind of the brave student did not take rest. He analysed the issue and looked for solutions. He set his goal to free India from the British rule at any cost. One day he gave the slogan “Give me blood and I will give you freedom.”

Subhas Chandra Bose’s goal was clear so he left the Indian Civil Service (similar to IAS today). Once he was even elected President of the Indian National Congress Party in spite of Gandhi’s Opposition. Later on he was imprisoned by the British. He escaped from the prison and crossed every hurdle. He led the Indian National Army at Singapore, which fought against the British during the Second World War. All this happened because (1) he set his goal (2) he planned and took definite action to achieve his goal (3) he was ready to pay its price . He was ready even to sacrifice his life. Therefore, we call him “NETAJI”


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