There is plenty of room at the top but there is no room to sit down. There is no shortcut to success. Consistent labour leads to success.

  • N. Webster worked continuously for 30 years on compilation of the first English Dictionary in the world.
  • John Wancraft worked continuously for 23 years and wrote History of America.
  • Gibbon worked continuously for 20 years on the book “Fall of Roman Empire”.
  • James Watt worked continuously for 20 years on invention of Steam Engine.
  • George Stephans worked continuously for 15 years on improvement of Rail Engine.
  • William Harvey studied continuously for 8 years on the blood circulation system.
  • Victor Hugo did not change his clothes till the completion of his famous novel “Notre Dam the Paris”.
  • Alexander Duma wrote every day for 18 hours for 40 years.
  • Muhammad Gazni invaded India for 17 times till he got success.
  • Tolstoy wrote “War and Peace” 80 times before giving it for publication.
  • Vivekanand slept for only two hours a day during his Sadhana period.
  • Dr. Radhakrishnan read for 18 hours daily, when he was in U.S.S.R.
  • Mrs. Indira Gandhi delivered 64 speeches in a day during 1980 Election. She did not get time for snacks.
  • Harry Tauder a Scottish comedian practised one song for 10,000 times.

    Ask yourself : how much effort are you putting in ?


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