Burning Desire Leads to Success

The heating of water to convert into steam is useful only if it is boiled till 100o C. Water boils at 100o C and then turns into steam. Otherwise all energy in of to avail, because water will remain water and of cooldown. Similarly, the intensity of desire is also very important Simple desire usually, does not yield results.

Burning desire is the seed of success. This seed of strong desire develops into reality. The big tree is hidden in this smallest seed.

Thomas Alwa Edison was a poor boy. In his childhood he had a strong desire to become a scientist. He faced several difficulties but he crossed every hurdle and achieved success inventing more than 1,093 appliances . He was not only the greatest scientist of the 19th century but also the richest man of his time.

Whatever you can think, dream or visualize, you can achieve it in reality. First you dream then you achieve it.

Kapil Dev, a village boy from a backward area of Haryana became a world famous criket star. If he can reach that level. Why can’t you also get success in your field


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