Unleash the Power of the Reticular Activating System to Achieve Your Goals

How to Develop your Concentration

We perceive through the window of five senses.

1 Look – via – eyes

2 Smell – via – nose

3 Listen – via – ears

4 Taste – via – tongue

5 Touch – via – skin

Every moment millions of informations come across our senses. But we have the capacity to filter and select the information. Goal setting enables us to get the information related to our goal. The irrelevant information is discarded. Thus, goal setting emphasises one type of information and ignores the remaining information . Or it focuses, our energy toward goals. Modern science terms this process as Reticular Activating System (R.A.S) . Thus, it increases our concentration towards our goal.

Without goals you are like a ship moving through the deep sea without a course. Without goals you are like a Jet flying without a flight plan. Without goals your whole energy will be wasted. You will be nowhere.


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  1. Good nice article to benifit greatly.


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