How I Motivated A Blind Girl

Let me tell you about Tasneem, a girl of 12 years. Her parents left the village 6 years ago and have been residing in Udaipur ever since. She had been going to a blind school everyday. Yet she did not learn a single thing. Her parents thought that she was mentally retarded .They took advice from many doctors of the town. But it was all in vain. They showed her to doctors in Bombay hospital.

One day the girl came to my home. I asked her why she did not want to learn . She replied, “There is no use of studying”. I explained to her about the life of her aunty Ajab who made her career, inspite of being a paralytic one and also told her why Ajab’s mother lives in the house, while Ajab goes outside the house. I explained to her the difference between her and her parents.

Then she understood that Ajab could earn because of her education, while Ajab’s mother had to stay at home, because she did not have any education.

I further explained to Tasneem that she and her mother are also different. She is blind while her mother is not. I asked her the following questions :

“Who will marry you?”

“One day your parents will be no more then who will take care of you? ”

After this talk of five minutes she became ready to study. After that, she learnt in one month more than what she had not learnt during the past five years and she learn all by herself. I simply motivated her by explaining the need of education. I changed her belief system. I emphasised on her the basic needs and she got the motivation.

Tasneem now lives at 44- Raza Colony Amba Mata Scheme, Udaipur.


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