7-Step Powerful Technique to Prepare Your Action Plan

Step 1

List your goal. Now analyse your goal and be clear about it. Imagine the goal and further think about the steps to realise this goal . Think what you have to do to realise it. Further, divide your goals into intermediate goals.

I am illustrating an example of planning. Suppose your goal is to become an IAS. As  a first step, you analyse your goal. You have to clear pre IAS exam first. For that you have to choose your subjects.

Step 2

Think about the intermediate goals. List all necessary actions to realise them.

In the second stage, you have  to get the study material and you have to prepare an action  plan of study according to it.

Step 3

You should understand your current situation and your position. Where you are and what the sources are available to you. Know your problems and try their  possible solutions.

In the third stage, you have to examine your level of understanding. What level is needed for IAS? After keeping in mind your intelligence, you have to prepare a plan of study according to it.

Step 4

Think of time available to you. Prepare time budget. According to situation, set your priorities. Decide the sequence of activities.

In the fourth stage, you have to become time conscious. You prepare your time budget. It is given in the previous chapter. You will consider the time factor. You may switch over to your time table.

Step 5

Be aware of intuitions. Write them down whenever you get them. Sometime, creative solutions may come up. Your past experience guides you through intuition. Such help is of cosmic order. You should not undermine the power of intuition in helping you to get success.

You will envisage your problems and understand your level of confidence and knowledge. All  these  will enable you to know your positions.

Step 6

Evaluate whether your planning is feasible or not. Does it need any change or improvement ?

At this stage, you will examine yourself. How should you improve? You should take coaching ?  What type of coaching is useful?  Whether your budget permits or not. You have to sort out all these problems.

Step 7

Put this planning into action and get nearer to your desired goal.

After considering all the facts, you have no choice, but  to act according to plan. Those who act  have more chances to get success.

Mere planning does not crystalise the burning desire into reality. For that, you have to stick to it and put it into action. It is the action which brings you success.


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