Key of success: Positive Attitude

Be positive & face everything.  As someone has said that attitude decides your altitude. Morarji Desai had a positive attitude. It can be seen in one incident. When he was called for interview in public service commission in Bombay, he was questioned “What will you do, if you will not be selected (in P. S. C. exam)?”. He replied instantly “I will become I. C. S.” (Indian Civil Servant)

There is a glass half filled. A positive mind would see it as half filled and negative mind would call it half empty. The quantity of water in both the cases is the same. But the two persons view it from different angles. The first person has satisfaction in that at least water is there, while, another gets dissatisfaction in that the glass is empty.

There are two persons looking through the same window. The first sees twinkling stars and the sky, while the other sees mud and mosquito. One enjoys beauty while the other is perturbed


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