How Subconscious Mind Helped Me

I used my subconscious mind unknowingly when I was a student at Jawaharlal Nehru University in 1978. I was engaged in early childhood. My family was forcing me for the marriage. I was not interested in marriage. My mother had a problem of hypertension. Father was disturbed due to social pressures.

On account of the above factors, I did not talk to my parents. In addition to it, I did not like that girl. I was preparing for I.A.S. examination. But the indecision disturbed me. At that time, I was not aware of the power of subconscious mind. But I decided “I will take decision in this month whether I have to marry or not”. For several days at the time of lying in bed prior to sleep, I asked myself, “Whether I should marry this girl?”

Suddenly on the night of 31st march 1978, when I was sleeping I felt a bright light in my room. I heard a voice, “Marry the girl, you will not have any problem in the future.” I got up at 3 A. M. and I wrote a letter to my father. “I am ready, arrange marriage before 15th of April”. Today I understand that impression came from my subconscious mind. It is now clear to me that the decision of marring to the proposed girl was influenced by the power of subconscious mind. And the decision proved positive and successful in my life.


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