Polio Ridden Fastest Athlete: Wilma Rudolph

How I got inspiration

My role model Wilma Rudolph is an American who was born in a poor family. She becomes a victim of polio at the age of four. She could not walk freely. She had to wear calipers and the doctor said,” You can never put your foot on the earth”.Picture1

But her  mother encouraged her saying, ‘You can do anything you want’ Wilma asked, “I want to be the fastest woman in the track on the earth’.

‘Mamma, can’t I walk without calipers?

“Mamma said,”Why not my daughter?” Wilma replied “How when doctor has refused? Then Mamma said “With God- given ability, persistence and faith you can do any thing you want”.

At the age of nine, she removed the calipers and took the first step, against the advice of doctor. After four years, she entered her first race without the calipers even while doctors were of opinion that she could not walk independently.

Two year later, she went to Tennessee State University and got coaching from Ed Temple, a famous coach of her time.

In 1960 Rome Olympia, She won 3 gold medals in 100-meter race, 200-meter race and 400-meter race.

A country of 100 corers people hasn’t get a single gold medal in athletics in any of the Olympics so far. And a poor woman who as a child has polio which was cured at age of 9 won 3 gold medals in one Olympic.

Whenever I feel depression I ask to myself, ‘whether my problem is bigger than Wilma?”


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