When master questions do not work than ask following questions

Relationship between Questions and Success

Know your problem and ask the right question. You will have your own solutions. Sometime, the solution lies in the problem itself. It is not far from the question. It is in the hearts of problems. Questions are the compass, they guide your directions. They give you the purpose of living. They create interest in your lives. Sometime “Why” of some questions are dis empowering. The answers of these questions depress you and discourage you. Your mind being enormously powerful can find many reasons for your failure or problems. Most of these reasons will continue and justify future failures. In this way vicious circles of failure continue. When you ask why I am unlucky, why God is against me, why the whole world is against me . Then your whole feelings and behaviour will be against success. So you must not ask such negative questions. Questions should not be connected with the past. They should be connected with good actions to do now or in future. In addition, you may ask some more questions to get motivation:

  • Which actions lead me closer to my goal?
  • How Can I do more? l How can I do better?
  • Is this the way a successful person does it?
  • Is this the way a successful person thinks?
  • Is my problem bigger than that of Hawkins?
  • Who is your role model?

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One thought on “When master questions do not work than ask following questions

  1. why one must/should require role model in his/her life? In your all posts I see using the word ‘role model’ so frequently. If one is confident on his/her own abilities, I don’t think so we’ve to follow someone else. Create your own path and believe in yourself. I think, that’s the key.

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