Forgiveness is Power to Manage Stress & to Get Success

Today for Jainism is the day to be forgiving and forgetting…………

Live and let live is good philosophy to have peace in life. Jain philosophy is based on principles to forgive and forget. A forgiver sleeps soundly and peacefully. All Jain people want on this Kshamavani or ‘khamat khamna’ day, that their past sins are forgiven and people start life afresh and living in peaceful co-existence with others. So we mutually seek forgiveness. Forgiveness is remembering and making a choice to let go. The letting go is for us. Forgiveness is a gift that we can give to all. If we continue to hold the hurt, anger, and hate, we only hurt ourselves. We are not hurting the person or persons that hurt us. We can manage our stress by forgiving. Bhagwan Mahavir said,”we should forgive our own soul first.” To forgive others is a practical application of this supreme forgiveness. It is the path of spiritual purification. Mahavir said: “The one whom you hurt or kill is you. All souls are equal and similar and have the same nature and qualities”. Ahinsa Paramo Dharma. Anger begets more anger and forgiveness and love beget more forgiveness and love. Forgiveness benefits both the forgiver and the forgiven.

Forgive me, pardon me. We forgive you, we pardon you


5 thoughts on “Forgiveness is Power to Manage Stress & to Get Success

  1. Namaste Uncle.. i have read your Hindi blog on the same topic.. today i understand a true virtue in Forgiveness. People do think that, by forgiving.. they may loose their self respect.. but that’s really not true..!!!if everyone adopts this simple law of living.. one can live his life peacefully, joyfully just by repelling all the negative energies(thoughts).

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