How negative Questions Harmed My Mother

Negativity is most dangerous thing.Our life experience is based on what we focus on, and negative questions create a negative vision about life.


My mother Chunni used to ask herself always negative questions.

She usually used to ask the following questions to herself.

l Why I have bad luck and who made it so ?

Bad luck is an imaginary concept. Nobody knows who made your luck. So there is no use asking such questions. She should ask:

What should I do to change my bad luck?

l I never get happiness and who is responsible for it?

Happiness is the result of the attitude. Attitude is developed by you and not by others. So there is no use asking such questions. Instead, she should ask:

What should I do now to achieve happiness?

Nobody listened to me. Why do they not listen to me?

When nobody listens to you, you may not be knowing the art of talking. Secondly, you cannot change people . You have to change yourself. So she should ask:

What should I talk which should appeal to others?

Why can’t I get anything?

It is a relative concept. Everybody does not get all the desired things. Find out current realities. And she should ask:

What is that which I get now which will make me satisfied?

My life is passing. Nobody bothers about me everything,everybody is against me. Everybody is selfish. Now what am I to do ?

It is a fact. Everybody’s life is passing. Some one lives for one hour and someone around 100 years. Does nobody bother about her? Some friends, relatives or even pets may bother about her. Is everybody against her? It can never happen.

It is a complex question based on some generalizations. All generalizations lead to confusion. So avoid generalizations.

Instead of this complex question she should ask :

What should I do for others?

Many persons have deceived me. I will see to them. How to show them what I am?

There is need to forgive others. Revenge is not a positive way of life. Positive revenge is to get success. Instead of this question she should ask :

How to forgive enemy? What must I learn from these deceits?

Why am I a Woman?

You are in no way in the picture to think of this question. Becoming a woman was not in your hands. There are other unseen forces which are responsible for your being a woman. So there is no use asking such questions.

Only a woman can bring life. One wise man already said “No man can be equal to woman.”

Instead she should ask:

Could any man give as much love and care as I have given to my children?

The answers to these questions were dis empowering. So, she could not change her life. She never accepted that she was responsible for her miserable life. She always blamed others. Thus, she lived a miserable life. Instead of that she should ask empowering questions. That would have changed her whole attitude.

(Mummy, today is birthday,forgive me)

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