How to Measure Value of Time

Value of one Day, One Hour and One Minute

Value of one year: You ask the boy who failed in examination, who is late by one year. He realises the importance of one year.

Value of one month: You ask the lady who has delivered a baby either one month earlier or one month later. She knows the worth of a month.

Value of one day: You ask the causal labour who does not get work for a day. His bread is in question.

Value of one hour : When a boy is waiting for a girl friend, who is late by an hour, the boy knows the value of one hour.

Value of one minute: You ask the traveller who missed a train by reaching late at station by a minute. On cancellation of his journey, he realises the value of one minute.

Value of one second: You ask a person who is saved from an accident because of one second’s delay. He knows the value of a second.

Value of one microsecond: You ask the space scientist whose space mission has failed due to error of one microsecond. He will explain the value of one micro second.

(courtsy : How to et Super Success)


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